Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday: AC

I love doing my Thankful Thursday posts; I really enjoy the opportunity to reflect on what things I'm thankful for during the week-even if my posts are sometimes silly. I'd been planning this week's post to be a long winded obnoxious post about how thankful I am for Geo's new job (and to be sure, I AM thankful for his new job; he's happy, we're FINALLY swimming with our heads above water financially, we have great insurance, and MOST importantly, he's HAPPY at his new job. He doesn't come home stressed, he doesn't bring work home with him, and he looks forward to going to work. I am very thankful for this job) HOWEVER

I think, given that in the last week the weather has gone from the low 60's to 93 and humid, I need to be thankful for the air conditioner. It's been so hot and humid that opening the window is NOT an option these days, so we've been running the air. It seems like it's way too early to be running the air but we gotsta do what we gotsta do! So thank you modern technology for central air.

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Marisa said...

I am going to miss our AC this year! We have decided to not put it in to help with our elec bill. It's going to suck but we're becoming super cheap haha.


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