Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend :)

We had a great weekend even though it rained for most of it. Geo got a shiny new toy Thursday night to start the weekend off
We had family and friends over on Saturday (KERSMASH) for a bbq and general hanging out.

My "sister" Sara and her fiance came down from Michigan to spend the long weekend with us, so on Sunday we went over to the French Market (which is an obnoxiously priced craft market/farmers market) then we took them to Portillos (because everyone likes Portillos, right?!)

We watched movies, ate way too much, drank some wine and generally just enjoyed ourselves. Yesterday afternoon we did a bit of grocery shopping and then stumbled upon a car show. Gabriel was happy to show off his car skills (LOOK! That's the mustang Nic Cage drove in the movie MOM!) and impressed the old guys showing off their cars. He told a guy he was a fan of mustangs and Cadillacs and the man told him he had excellent taste. he he.

After a bath in their bathing suits (they're weird) Gabe and Bits headed to bed and Geo and I were able to sit together and watch "Black Swan" and recoup from the long busy weekend. In between all of the fun and bbqs and wine and relaxing, we all took time to remember those fallen heroes who made it possible for us to HAVE a long fun filled weekend with friends and family. God bless those who've given their lives for our country; we are truly grateful.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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bigchiefhossahead said...

The Burgers Rocked the house-the "grill god" rules!!


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