Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I love you so much, I could just explode

Today was a fabulous day for Bitsy. She woke up full of excitement at 6:45 (even before Gabe!) because story time at the library started today. She was nervous and excited and couldn't WAIT to go. For a few days before story time, she asked me "do you think there will be girls there?" "what do you think we're going to read about? I hope it's bears" "are you going to go with me?" and so on and so forth.

After getting herself dressed and having her hair done, she looked at me in my black t shirt and pants and said "um Mom, are you really gonna wear all black? can you put on some make up too?" So being the good momma I am, I changed and put on some make up and off we went to story time.

Imagine Bitsy's surprise when she walked in and found her name on a nametag shaped like...a POLAR BEAR (her current favorite bear) and then she got into line with a little girl who is going to be starting kinder at her school in the fall...and then they read a book about polar bears, had a snowball fight with plastic bag snowballs, and best of all, made a polar bear picture to bring home.

Oh this child was on cloud nine! Bears and little girls and more bears oh my.

But the day was just starting for Miss Bits-a-roo! She had her first dance class of the session too! More little girls and pirouettes and tutus! Oh my!

She was so worn out that she slept the whole way home...and woke up to make some fresh squeezed orange juice with me-her day just kept getting better. As she was squeezing the oranges she said "oh momma, this is so much better than what comes from a factory" (she's so right) and a little bit later, she put her arm around me and said "oh Momma, I just love you so much, I could, I could, I could just EXPLODE" and then gave me a squeeze and a happy sigh.

What a good day to be Bitsy!

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