Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tell The Truth Tuesday: I Hate Baby Talk

Unless babies are the ones doing it.

A few weeks ago, Katie and I went to have dinner together; while in the ladies room, I saw a disturbing thing. There was a woman holding a little one (maybe 9 months old or so) and another woman standing next to her. The woman said to the mother of the child "Oh! I just love her hat, it's so cute" (it was, it was a cat) The woman holding the baby said to the other woman "oh thank you! her just loves her kitties. yes she do. her loves her kitties!"

To be clear, the baby talking woman was NOT speaking to her child but to another fully grown adult. Her just loves her kitties. yes she do. her loves her kitties Seriously? No, really. Seriously?

The woman who gave the compliment looked a little bit stunned and said "um, ok" and walked out of the ladies room with a rather perplexed look on her face as if she wasn't quite sure what happened there...

Now, it's a well known fact that when I come across a baby, I act like an idiot. New Years Eve for example, I was playing with my little boyfriend Logan. I would hold him up high in the air and say "super baby!" and then bring back down and say "I'll take the soup" and he would giggle like crazy. Talking like an idiot to a baby and talking like a baby to an adult are two different things. Can you imagine if I would have just said to you.

"Her was just playin with the baybee, yes her was. Her just lovessss her Logan. Her Logan is a super baby, oh yes he is. He a super duper baybee, yes he is. yes he is"

I'm pretty sure you'd smack me. Hell, I'd smack me if I spoke like that. So yes, the truth is, I hate baby talking adults. I understand that some times you've been with your children so long you speak to others like they're children, but for the love of Gob stopping speaking in baby talk...to EVERYONE. Even your baby. Babies aren't morons, you can speak to them like they're people since...*gasp* they are.

Now if you need me, her will be drinking her diet coke. Oh yes her will. Her just loves her diet cokes, doesn't her? *smack*

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