Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh lordy, it's one of THOSE weeks again

About once a year we get hit with one of "those" weeks, you know the one where everything that can go wrong will and then some and then even some more after that.

Let's see, I was in the ER on Tuesday with bronchitis, Wednesday Gabe got a new stretching cast, Thursday Bits was in the ER with a "viral syndrome" AND we got a massive snow storm, Gabe couldn't go to school on Friday because I couldn't shovel and Geo was at work, Gabe is coming down with a cold AND to top it all off, Geo has worked 77 hours this week so he's been virtually gone all the time OR sleeping. I kind of forgot what he looked like to be honest :( oh and did I mention I'm growing a second face on my lip? I never get cold sores but apparently this beastly thing has decided to take up residence on my face because a bright red nose, chapped lips, and a cough that sounds like foghorn wasn't enough.

BUT at least I can laugh about it because seriously, I don't know what else to do at this point. We're all zombies at this point and one of us is thumping around stepping on cat tails and mournfully staring at the snow he can't play in BUT we've watched movies and eaten popcorn and snoogled a lot on the couch. Gabe read me Calvin and Hobbes today while I laid in bed sipping a diet coke (just what the doctor ordered...until I dumped it all over myself and the bed, which made Gabe laugh) Bitsy snoozed on the couch while Geo was finally able to enjoy some football and then he made dinner for really, it hasn't been *that* bad...though I am looking forward to a break from all this crap...maybe getting it out of the way early in the year will keep us all healthy the rest of the year-or so I'll hope!

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