Monday, January 23, 2012

Kids and Animals

As most of you know, we have two cats. Ding and Dong. No no, Boni and Bam :) Two furbabies; we've had Boni cat for three years, he's a rescued shelter cat and we've had Bam since August-a friend of ours had a cat who had kittens and we decided to take one. They bring so much pleasure to our family. Yes, they annoy us, but they also make us very happy. More than making Geo and I happy, they really make the kids happy. There's never a time when there isn't a cat curled up with one of the kiddos when they're in bed. If you're sick, there's a cat nearby to purr in your ear. If you're having a snack, you guessed it, there's a kitty.

Having cats has taught the kids responsibility; they have to make sure the cats have food and water every day. They have to make sure they aren't locked in a room or a closet (which has happened before, whoops) and they brush the cats to keep them clean and lookin' good.

I grew up with pets, Geo grew up with a dog. We both loved having pets as kids and we love being able to share that with the kids. So a few weeks ago, we decided since we all love the cats so much, how about adding a few more pets to the family? This weekend, we'll be getting two little guys called Degu's. They look like a giant gerbil; they're similar to chinchillas and prairedogs (which is a weird combo, but they're sooooo cute) they're highly intelligent, they adjust to your schedule (rather than being up all night like other rodents) and they can be trained to do tricks. We went this week to play with some at the pet store and make sure they'd be the right animals to add to our family and they definitely are. They don't bite and are really social. The one I was holding kept checking my face out, trying to see what I looked like. All of us are super excited to bring them home this weekend and you can expect to see pictures in the near future.

Do you have pets? Did you have pets growing up?

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