Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Perspective

My mom is a cancer survivor; when I was 16 she was diagnosed with cervical and ovarian cancer. It's been 15 years and she's cancer free and healthy. When I was first going through Gabe's diagnosis and so angry and just wanted to know WHY me? WHY  Gabe? Why why why why!??! My mom's answer was "why NOT you? why NOT Gabe?"

I was confused until she explained. She said "Chris, someone has to make up the statistics, SOMEONE has to be the 1 in 10 that spina bifida has to happen to and rather then saying 'why me' perhaps you ought to be asking why NOT me? When it comes down to it, things happen and that's that. Why did this happen to you guys? Maybe because you have access to excellent doctors and you and Geo are equipped to handle something like this rather than a single teenage mother. Maybe because you'll love this child regardless of his abilities rather than just having an abortion. Maybe because nothing, maybe because sometimes shit happens and you deal with it. So stop dwelling on the why me's and work on taking care of this situation. Do your research, find your support groups, stop your crying and get busy"

And you know what? She was right. Why NOT me? Does it suck to be the 1 in 10 (or whatever your statistic might be) YES of course it does...but think of all the other things you aren't dealing with...there are so many other people who are so much worse off than you no matter how dire your circumstances are. So go out there, do your research, find your support and GET BUSY!

(Thanks Mom, you really DO know best ♥)


Shalynne Addison said...

Love this. It is so stinking true. Whenever I start to feel down about a situation, I've been trying to instead think about how darn good I have it in other areas or how perhaps it will turn into something good/better. ♥

erin said...

Great post!!


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