Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Today was indeed a manic Monday; yesterday I tore the ligament in my ankle (oh hooray) and am supposed to be off my feet for a few days while it heals...easier said than done, of course. Gabe had school, Geo has a cold, Bitsy, thank God, has been my little helper. It was a crazy day but has calmed down considerably.

HH is bowling and then heading to work, the kids are in bed after making their Valentine's (for the record, they've been making Valentine's for about two weeks now hehe) and I was hobbling around the house picking things up, petting cats, and folding laundry. I happen to look over at the window and on the shade pull is a little action figure, handing on for dear life, but at the same time, looking rather content. Obviously he's been stuck on the shade for a while, I'm sure he went up and down with the shade today...and yet he still didn't let go and I thought to myself, "well that's sort of like my day-up and down but still hanging on" and rather than relieving him from his post, I left him there...though I'm sure some black pawed naughty kitty is going to be batting him around at midnight and will more than likely wake me up and I'm sure I'll step on it in the dark and swear and wake at least one of the kids up...because that's how Manic Mondays go :P

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