Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Mornings with the Yummy Mummies

I don't usually go to the gym on Monday mornings for a few reasons, but today I decided ah what the heck, let's go. One of the reasons I don't go to the gym first thing Monday morning is a group of ladies I (lovingly) call the "yummy mummies" Apparently, my definition of yummy mummy and the internets' definition of yummy mummy is completely different but that's alright.

So what's a yummy mummy? A yummy mummy is a woman who goes to my gym on Monday morning (and sometimes Tuesdays too) and works out vigorously on the treadmill for an hour. There are two distinct categories of yummy mummies:

The first is the bleach blond, overly tanned, very toned woman who has no reason to be on the treadmill except that she needs something to fill her time.

The second is the perfectly highlighted brunette, incredibly tanned, fairly toned woman who works out because she has to.

The biggest issue I have with these women is that they never appear to sweat and I'm incredibly jealous of that. They look just as good getting off the treadmill as they do when they get on (full make up of course!) I will never be a yummy mummy for a variety of reasons:

1) I sweat, a lot, when I'm working out.
2) I've never tanned in my entire life
3) I haven't colored my hair in at least six months and the only high lights in my hair are naturally grey and a little too frizzy for my tastes
4) I need to either work out four to five times a week or not eat to even think about being toned

So I'll never be a yummy mummy, but that's okay because they've taught me a good lesson just by watching them gab and not sweat on Monday mornings...we work out for ourselves, not for others. I'd be willing to guarantee that the yummy mummies don't give a damn about sweaty, grey haired me because they're busy doing their own thing...and perhaps I should take that to heart. I work out for ME not for anyone else. Now I just need a group of people who are like me who want to get really sweaty and have a fun group name too-any takers?? hehe

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