Monday, May 24, 2010

Pop-a-palooza part One

Today's entry is entry one in a series I'll be doing from now until Father's Day called "pop-a-palooza" For those who do not know, we call our dad Pop and the kids call him grandpa pop :) hence the pop-a-palooza title (it sounds much better than dad-a-palooza too)

The first dad I'd like to talk about is Geo's dad-he's a dad, grand dad, and dad in law. He's pretty fabulous. He supports Geo and Gabe's sick sick Chicago sports addictions (Gabe refers to him as "Hawks grandpa" for a reason people...) He is always thinking of others (even when others don't think of him) He has a wicked sense of humor, is devoted to his lovely wife Caren and his family, would give you the shirt off his back (Geo has a ton of them actually) and puts family above all; which in my opinion, makes for a great Dad.

So here's to you Dil-you're super fabulous, you're awesomely wonderful, and we're lucky to have you!


HawksGrandpa said...

Chrissi, if you wanted a chicken croissant from Portillos, all you had to do was ask! Seriously, I thank you very much for the kind words. I owe it all to my mom and dad, who both taught me the right priorities in life. Family first, then everything else.

Witkowski Family said...

mmmm Portillos :) I meant every word I said Dad, you obviously practice what you preach since Geo is such a great family man and dad himself!!


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