Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Updated Garden Pictures

We also have beans sprouting(yay!!) and tomatoes and green peppers started. We're hoping to plant the rest of our plants this afternoon! How's your gardening going?

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Eri said...

Love it! My garden is crap. The tomatoes and cantaloupe drowned in all the storms we've been having. But that's okay because with all we have to do around the house this summer (windows, deck, expanding a couple of flower beds), we think maybe we'll skip veggies this year. If we can get all our projects done around the home, we'll be ready to do a gung-ho garden next year. But I'm still doing my flower beds and some herbs! My apple mint is the most heavenly scent in the entire world and was totally worth the arm, leg and other arm I had to pay for my 3 plants!


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