Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Favorite Child is...

(In honor of Mother's Day...)

Dear Gabriel,
You, my dear sweet boy, are my favorite. Why? Because you made me a mother, you taught me what unconditional love was, and you make me a better person. You have struggled so much, from the get go (even while in utero you struggled)and yet always keep a smile on your face and a kind word on your lips. My hope for you is that one day you'll have a child who is as sunny dispositioned and easy going as you are; you have been a complete joy from day one. We waited for you for a long time and have treasured every moment with you.

Dear SarahAnne,
You, my darling girl, are my favorite. Why? Because you taught me that love isn't shared when you have a second child-it's multiplied. Because you constantly keep me on my toes, you are my sing songy, lovey dovey little momma. You were my redemption, you showed me that my body did NOT fail me as a mother, nor did it fail you and Gabriel. You have challenged every single thing I thought I knew about children and being a mother and I am a better mother because of it. My one hope for YOU is that one day you'll have a child who is a spirited and sassy as you are; you drive us crazy one moment out of frustration and crazy out of love for you in the next. You, my Bitsy girl, are my "best"

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