Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Five: All About Fives

A Friday Five all about the number five....

1. What is your favorite Maroon 5 song?
Can I put my FIVE favorite M5 songs? No? Okay, my favorite is "Secret/Ain't No Sunshine" it's very sultry. I adore Adam Levine almost as much as I adore Sarah McLachlan.

2. Five things that have made me giggle this week:
1. SarahAnne telling me that she gets covered in "chickens" when she gets cold.
2. My sister's storytelling; the way she recreates things makes me laugh so much, even when she's being unintentionally funny. Love you Buzzy :)
3. The Office I love Steve Carell so so much.
4. Gabriel saying "let's have a snuggle" when I asked him why he said "because that's what we do, it's our thing" he he
5. Being woken up by Boni cat nibbling on my lemon thyme at two a.m. Doesn't seem funny, but it was a pretty funny sight.

3. What can you buy for a nickel?
Not a whole lot. Maybe a piece of gum at a candy store.

4. You're stuck on a desert island, what five things  do you take with you?
In no particular order: a vat of diet coke, the book I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb, a Sarah McLachlan mix cd, sunscreen, and Boni cat (for hunting purposes)

5. Is five a magic number?
No, not it is not, NINE is a magic number, just ask Bitsy :)

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