Friday, February 4, 2011

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

It's been almost a week since we all went sledding and I am still finding bruises all over my body. Sledding isn't USUALLY a contact sport, but in the Witkowski family it apparently is. Case in point: when Geo's dad and brother were going down the hill, side by side, JD decided it would be funny to grab a hold of his dad's sled and flip him over. I was majorly impressed with Dad's cat like reflexes-he jumped up and jumped onto the sled, belly first and flew after JD.

Then of course, JD decided it would be a fabulous idea to stand on a flying saucer and try to-I honestly don't know what he was trying to do-all I know is that he went down the hill ass over tea kettle (love the phrase, I don't get to use it nearly enough) and none of us could stop laughing to go see if he was ok (and he was, no worries)

Now onto my *brilliant* idea; I am also going to blame Geo AND JD for this one. See, we have a toboggan that conveniently holds TWO Witkowskis. The first set of Witkowski's to go down the hill were a daddy-daughter combo, then another daddy-daughter combo, then a brother in law-sister in law combo-that was fun. JD and I nearly hit the fence (we were aiming for the river, damn fence!) and since it was SO much fun with JD, I thought, "woohoo, this'll be even MORE fun with Geo!!"

So Geo, of course, thinks it's a great idea and we hop on the sled...and the boys start to push us and before we make it five feet, we tip over. No worries, it was not OUR fault, it was our pushers fault! So we confidently got on the sled together again and started down the hill and my goodness was it FUN! FUN FUN FUN! Until, of course....Geo and *I* went sideways again and rolled over each other two or three (or fifteen, I don't know, it was all a blur at this point) times. We pretty much rolled over each other, tangled up, until we landed at the bottom of the hill in a heap. A giggling, snow covered heap, but a heap nonetheless. My feet were tangled with not only Geo's feet but also with the toboggan rope. It was a mess.

Honestly, it seemed like a good idea at the time, it was HILARIOUS. We trudged up the hill to laugh with everyone, not imagining that in a few days odd purple marks would be all over my body. Woooo. In retrospect, maybe Geo and I should stick to things like cooking together and playing card games, those seem like activities that have less potential for bruising...

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