Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Support System

We're getting closer and closer to Gabriel's 7th birthday. He's been anxiously counting the days down and he's going to be giddy that when he gets up in the morning (oooh sneaky Chrissi, blogging before bed...) and he's ONE DAY CLOSER to the *BIG* day.

Today I am really really thankful for all the amazing doctors and therapists that we've seen over the last seven years. We rarely see the specialists anymore (thank you God!) but at one point in Gabe's life it seemed like we'd NEVER get a break from them. I am so thankful for my amazing Ob-Gyn Dr. Larry who, even though he didn't end up delivering Gabe, made sure to have someone from his office call and check in on me in the last weeks before having Gabe.

Then there's Dr. Ruge aka "NeuroGod" and his staff who fixed up "his angel" Gabriel's back and inserted his shunt.

Dr. Simmons, one of Gabe's very favorite doctors, is the only doctor who told us Gabe would walk. He's the orthopaedic specialist and he's hilarious as well as being an amazing doctor. He lets Gabe play with skeletons, he gives him copies of his x-rays to "show off" when he goes in, and he always tries to get us to go to the reptile swap meet (eww, no thanks Dr. S)

Angela and Ryan were two amazing physical therapists who helped Gabe learn to walk, and most recently Mr. Brian and Miss B (PT/OT respectively) helped Gabe make leaps and bounds physically as well as developmentally.

 I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our awesome pediatrician Dr. Song. We have such a great relationship with her; she's so wonderful. She's taken such good care of Gabriel in the last seven years (and Bitsy too) and I'm not sure where we'd be without her. She's truly one of those GOOD doctors you don't hear enough about. She doesn't rush us, she always makes a point to listen, and the kids love her. We're lucky to have ALL of these doctors/therapists in Gabe's life-I can't imagine what his life would be like without them-and I don't think I WANT to either. We're so blessed to have amazing doctors, we really are and for that I'm very thankful.

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