Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day etc etc

Blah blah blah, happy Valentine's Day and all that jazz. Let's talk about something more exciting.

Saturday morning Geo and I were taking the kiddos to Bitsy's dance class; we cross over the Fox River to get to the road we need to be on and as always, we looked at the river as we went over. We both saw two huge dark blobs on the ice. At first I thought maybe they were turkeys, which would be odd because a)we've never seen wild turkeys on the ice and b)wild turkeys are not that common in the city, as we got closer we realized itw as something MUCH more exciting than that.

We turned the corner and got a better look at the birds...birds that turned out to be a PAIR of bald eagles! BALD EAGLES! It was amazing. I pulled the car over the best I could, threw on the hazards and grabbed my camera from my bag-oddly enough I HAD the camera with me and I was able to snap a few pics.

As I finished taking some pictures I noticed that an unmarked police car had pulled up behind me. I thought I was going to get a ticket for sure. I pointed to the eagles and yelled "Sorry" to the officers. They smiled and waved and said not to worry about it. I asked "aren't they awesome?" and both of the officers smiled and said "very awesome!" I got back into the car and we got going down the road while the police hung out for a bit checking out the eagles.

Recently there was a bald eagle nest in a nearby town that the police and dnr had to put barriers up around because people wouldn't leave them alone. Eventually people got over the novelty of them being there, but I can see why people would "flock" (ha ha) to the area, they truly are majestic birds. It was so cool for all of us to see them considering we've only ever seen them at the zoo!

And in Valentine's related news...I asked Gabe to be my valentine this morning....and he said no. He said "Sorry mom, but I can't, Evalyn is my valentine"


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