Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday Five-The Shortbus Edition

When I cannot sleep, I write. I cannot sleep tonight even though I am tired, so here I am, writing

I'm in a very unique position (not literally, my position at this moment is rather normal, butt in the chair, arms on the keyboard stand, feet on the floor) I have a disabled child but I've also been lucky enough to be able to help other mommas (and daddy's too) of special needs child as they've gone through their journey to Holland (Stupid Holland)

Recently a dear friend was in the position where someone made a comment about the "short bus" My friend was hurt and I completely understand it; her son has a disability. Yes, he's a beautiful, bright, lovable, amazing child BUT he also has a disability and making jokes about the short bus to the parent of such a child is downright nasty. Back in the early days of our parenting journey with Gabe, the short bus references nearly killed us. I cannot tell you HOW many times I cried over the prospect of my child riding the short bus. (For those who are lost, the short bus is a bus that usually carries the mentally and physically challenged children to school; people use it as an insult because apparently being retarded is the ultimate insult you can give or something...not to me, I'd definitely rather be accused of being retarded than say, a republican LOL kidding kidding)

So in honor of one of my favorite little boys and his amazing momma, my Friday Five on why the short bus is AWESOME (in no particular order)

1. Gabe's short bus plays music-the other day Justin Bieber (or Justin Beaver as he's known in these parts) was singing loudly; as soon as Gabe got on the bus, he smiled and started singing.

2. The driver of the short bus is AWESOME. His name is John, he's an older guy, and my favorite thing about him? He says Gabriel like my father; every single morning he says "good morning mom, good morning Gabrul" and not only is GABE happy but so am I because I am thinking about how good it is for Gabe to be with someone who likes him AND I'm thinking of my dad (love you Pop)

3. The kids on the short bus are super cool and cute and sweet and fifty two other adjectives to describe adorable children. They are kind and polite. They wait for one another to get off the bus, there's no "hurry up" or "get out of the way" or "why does he limp like that?" or "why is there a cast on his foot"

4. The parents of the other kids on the short bust that I've met GET IT. They are down to Earth people who think nothing of your kid coming off the bus limping or hearing that they needed help with a seatbelt, because, hey sometimes our kids need a little bit of extra help.

and the final reason the short bus rocks?

5. Because Gabe is on it and anywhere Gabe hangs out is cool by me. (Insert your childs' name for Gabe's in this sentence) That's right. Gabe is one cool kid and he rides the short bus. He doesn't care that he's on the "little bus" so why should I, or anyone else for that matter?

Speaking of My Baby Rides the Short Bus, be on the look out for my very *first* give away in the next two weeks or so; I'll be giving away a signed copy of probably the most amazing book on parenting a special needs child in the history of the world*

*yes, I am slightly biased, but why the hell not? It's an AWESOME book

Have a GREAT weekend everyone :)


Erica said...

I rode the short bus in elementary school. I was bussed across town for a "gifted" program...and ooooof the teasing. So much teasing.

On a side note, anywhere Gabe is is is cool with me too!

Also, I guess I don't get it. Why would anyone make short bus comments to anyone, but especially a special needs Mama? Some people can just be so cruel.

Chief Hossahead said...

it downright kills me on how stereotypical people can be. as gabe's grandfather, i can attest to how sharp and intelligent this young man is. he'd make most kids on the 'big bus' look down right stupid. it appals me on how thoughtless some people can be.

Shay said...

I just love this post - except for the Republican insult of course...AHEM! Just kidding! ;) I cannot believe how rude people can be either - the comments, the name calling, the insults - it's just disgusting, in my opinion. I'm so glad that Gabe has you & Geo for parents. I truly admire you for your strength & courage.

Also I am soooo excited for your giveaway! And I think it's really awesome that you are a published author! :)


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