Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Being Sick By the Numbers

Number of doctor's visits in the last week: 6

Number of prescriptions prescribed to our family this week: 6

Cost of said prescriptions (thank God for insurance): $150

Number of birthday parties canceled because of sickness: 1

Number of get well cards received: 1 (thanks Greats :D)

Number of diagnoses of "Double Pneumonia" in the house: 3

Hours of sleep, per day, on average of each sickie in the house: 18-20

Now we're all on the up and up, feeling a ton better. Gabe had another doctors visit yesterday that resulted in ANOTHER prescription for him, but after two doses he's already feeling better. Jeez oh pete, this sickness SUCKED. Thankfully Geo was off last week, so he could help me out since I was the first one sick and then he was able to recuperate during the last half of the week when HE was sick. Gabe is on spring break this week, so he can just rest and relax and concentrate on getting better before heading back to school. Through all of this though, SarahAnne didn't get sick at ALL. Not even a sniffle. Our pediatrician yesterday said that two years of nursing OBVIOUSLY made a difference for her; thank goodness! Now to get back to feeling better and maybe getting outside for a bit of bubble blowing!!

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