Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Bitty Bits

Dear SarahAnne,

Today you are four; the time has flown by so quickly. You're rapidly growing up to be a sweet, independent, clever, creative, silly little girl. Last night when I came to bed, you woke up and groggily smiled at me and flashed four fingers and said "I'm 4 momma" you then rolled over for a quick snoogle and rolled back over and started snoring.

You are often very exhausting, both physically and emotionally. The other day when you swore up and down a ghost wrote all over my bed for example. Or when you blamed a crocodile for "snizzering" your pants AND blanket. Or last week when you decided to paint your fingers AND toes with hot pink nail polish. *sigh*  HOWEVER all the snuggles and sweetness make up for all of that. You love to take care of all of us, often pretending to be "momma" when we are your "baby" I swear, if you could catch the cat and he'd tolerate it, he'd have a bottle in his mouth and a diaper on his butt.

I hope you'll always be this sweet, silly, and sassy. You'll always be my itty bitty and we love you so so much.

Momma, Daddy, Gabe, and Boni cat =^..^=

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