Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ooooh Fat Bottom Girls You Make the Rockin' World Go 'Round

I am not what one would call "skinny" "slim" or "slender" In fact, I'm more on the "festivally plump" size, I have some junk in my trunk, a wiggle in my walk, I have curves and then some. I am a fattie fattie two by four, couldn't get through the kitchen door. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH I have a fat ass, I like to eat, and I pretty much don't care who doesn't like it.

That being said, I want to be healthy and working out is a great way for me to be more healthy. A few weeks ago, Geo and I joined our local gym. It's wonderful, I feel good, I have more energy, etc etc. I love swimming laps in the pool, then hopping in the hot tub for a soak. Finally, I strip off my suit and soak up the heat and steam of the sauna. It's good for my body and soul. I then take a nice hot shower, get dressed, and get back to "real" life.

I have no problem with nudity in the locker room-it's a LOCKER ROOM, of course there's going to be nudity, right? I am so sad, though, to see that most of the women in that place are so insecure that they'd rather get dressed in a wet shower than walk through the locker room in a towel and dare show their bodies to anyone. It's taken me a long time to get to the point where I accept my body and love it. This body has grown and nurtured two children; it's been through a lot, I consider my stretch marks marks of battle; MY awesome amazing body created two amazing children and THEY are physical reminders of it.

The women who are most likely to walk around the locker room in a towel without worrying about who is looking at them? Women my age and older; with age comes wisdom and apparently so does loving your own body. I wish I could go back to my late teenage self and tell me to love myself and love the way I'm made. I know I'll never be stick skinny and that's perfectly fine. I'd be completely and utterly out of balance if I weighed 100 pounds (never mind I wouldn't have anything to wear except maybe some of Gabe's tshirts LOL) I spent a long time trying to cover my body and feeling ashamed of it and it's time I cannot get back-so from this moment forward, I'm loving my shape and my body and anyone who doesn't like it can kiss my big ole' backside :P

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