Monday, March 21, 2011

I Want My Mooooom

It's not very often that I get sick; the last time I was sick was the awful stomach flu we all had well over a year ago. Because I don't get sick very often, when I *do* get sick, I get SICK. Yesterday morning I went to urgent care because I couldn't stop coughing and was flat out miserable. The diagnosis, of course, was bronchitis (hooray) laryngitis (which I cannot spell without the help of spell check) and the ever so common "cold". In a word, I feel like crap.

When I was pregnant with Gabriel, I went to visit my parents and happened to have a raging head cold. I can very distinctly recall sleeping in my dads recliner and waking up to him smearing Vicks on my face (his cure all for all things cold related; I tend to agree) There was always a mug of hot tea made by my mom (HER cure all for all things cold related; again, I agree) sitting next to me, and whenever I was hungry Mom whipped up some buttered toast for me to munch on. Vicks, hot tea, and toast are pretty much cured what ailed you when we were growing up. I still find myself reaching for those three things when I get sick OR when the kiddos get sick. Something about that combo is super soothing, even if it doesn't really "do" anything.

So now, it's five a.m. and I'm waiting for the bathroom to fill with steam so I can go wheeze in peace without waking anyone up and wishing I had my mom. I just KNOW her tea and toast would fix this. Sometimes, even mommas need their mommas and this is one of those times.


erin said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! I went to bed on Friday night feeling like crap hoping I'd wake up better in the such luck. I'm still trying to decide if this is a cold or allergies. Either way, I feel horrible and could use my mom right now, too! I love spring in the south...until I remember about the crazy pollen count!

Big Chief Hossahead said...

I hope you're feeling better soon too, heck..we have a party Sunday!
What's with tea and toast? How about a good shot of your dad's Cherry wine? And before all you readers jump on me, please read... the first time we met Chrissi's folks, my wife had an unbelievably bad cold. Nothing would get rid of it...until she had a couple of glasses of Chrissi's dad's cherry wine. Honest to god, cold was gone in 24 hours!


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