Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Siblings

My sister was here this week (in case you didn't see the seven hundred posts I made about it lol) We have a really really awesome relationship; she's one day shy of being 7 years younger than me, but that never seemed to make a difference. Now that she's living on her own, finishing her degree, and rocking her own radio show "No Pants Friday" she's really become a good friend of mine, which I didn't realize wasn't super common. Geo often tells me he is really envious of the relationship Tori and I have; her friends have made the same sorts of comments to her. Again-I had no idea this wasn't "normal" I should note, I also have a brother-he has given me three adorable nieces and nephews and is planning to get married one of these days to a great girl I've yet to meet. We're close but not like my sister and I. Don't get me wrong, I know he's always there for me if I need him, but it's not the same as with Tori.

Tori and I were talking and I said "sometimes I catch myself calling Bitsy 'Tori' because she is SO much like you" She said she read an article a while back saying that it's TOTALLY normal that you see your siblings in your children-we grow up around our siblings and see THEIR traits so why wouldn't we see them in our own children-we don't observe ourselves, we observe the ones around us. Makes total sense, really. I see a lot of Joey (Geo's brother) in Gabe; his mannerisms, some of the things he says, the way he acts sometimes. It's fair to say though, that our siblings see US in their children too, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me.

George's brother Joey was killed in an accident a few years ago and it's left a pretty big hole in his heart; he has other siblings, yes, but he and Joey had a special bond much like Tori and I have. When I was teaching, one of my students who was right around Joey's age started coming over for dinner and to watch the kids, etc etc and he and Geo got close; our friend had a similar brother sized hole in his heart and Geo was able to fill it. I'm so thankful that they found each other. I know they both still hurt because their brothers are gone but thankfully they have each other to have that brotherly bond with.

So today, I'm thankful for siblings; both blood and from the heart. What are YOU thankful for today?

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Erica said...

I was an only child, as we all know. And it sucked, flat out sucked. I had a stepbrother and we were close, sort of. But once I became a part of Mike's family, I instantly had 2 brothers. Once we moved out here, I got to be sososo close to Mike's baby brother Cody. And I'm thankful for that relationship. He told me once that I "completed" their family. I've never forgotten that super kind comment and I will always be thankful for a brother who teases the peas and carrots out of me but would walk through fire before he'd let anything happen to me. Being his friend/sister-in-law/sister is an awesome blessing.

And Michael CONSTANTLY calls Nathan Cody :) It makes me giggle


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