Friday, March 4, 2011


Again I've missed Thankful Thursday. Jeez oh pete! I'm thankful that Gabe is feeling better and that my children have awesome immune systems. The flu should last a good week to ten days per the doc and both of them were better within three days of being diagnosed. Thank goodness Gabe is feeling better-the pink eye still seems to be bugging him a bit though, so he's taking one more day off of school JUST to be on the safe side.

Yesterday we went to the Science Museum. I wasn't sure if the kids would EVER want to leave, but eventually they did-only because we went to A&W for root beer floats though LOL

My Friday Five for today is five pictures from yesterday-enjoy :)

The kiddos learned about woolly mammoths; a mammoth weighs the same as 12 cows-who knew? 
 this was BY FAR Gabriel's favorite exhibit-it showed how things are distributed and he stood there reading and checking it out for a good ten minutes by himself
 The next two pictures are from an exhibit called "A Million of Me" it was basically a large kaleidescope and both kids loved it. They kept trying to get me to climb in and see "millions of Mom" silly kiddos. I especially love the picture of Bits in the Million of Me because you can actually see more than one of her in the picture-very cool if you ask me

 and finally, the obligatory "in front of the museum" shot :P
I would definitely recommend Sci Tech to anyone with kiddos who are interested in science-hell, even if they AREN'T interested in science, they will be after a trip here. The museum had a field trip group in while we were there-while they were downstairs exploring, we were upstairs by ourselves-when they went upstairs we came downstairs and had the run of the place. It was definitely worth the admission price (3 and under are free, 4-60 are $8 60 and better are $7) I am seriously considering replacing our zoo membership with a membership to Sci Tech. I think we'd get more use out of it actually.

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