Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toothy Tuesday

The blog has been a bit quite this week for good reason; Saturday while enjoying some chex mix (gotta support General Mills!!) I broke a tooth in half. Let me just state for the record that it was NOT a fun thing to do and if you can avoid breaking a tooth, I would totally advise you to do so. *shudder*

Gabe is not a real touchy feely kind of kiddo, but today I was laying in bed with a throbbing jaw (again, do NOT break a tooth, it hurts) and he laid down next to me and started to gently rub my face. He said "Momma, if I rub your cheek you will feel so much better, won't you?" He laid next to me for a good five minutes and gave me a good snuggle before he hopped off my bed to torment his sister. I love those little moments with him, he's growing up SO quickly and soon enough won't want to snuggle with momma.

I'm getting my tooth fixed on Thursday (not much they could do on a Saturday afternoon for a borked tooth!) So I probably won't be blogging for a few more days. Hope all is well :)

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