Saturday, March 5, 2011


Woohoo! Today is an exciting day; my sister, the antiAUNTIE Buzz is on her way to our house.

Gabe and Bits already have plans for her (ha ha) SarahAnne has been buying gum all week in anticipation for this  visit-actually it'd be more accurate to say that she's been picking gum OUT and I've been buying it. For some reason she seems to think that Aunt Buzzy LOVES gum. She was hilarious the other day with the Mentos gum she picked out. It's rather minty and she chewed a piece and walked up to me with her mouth wide open and half chewed gum in her hand. She said "Oh momma, it's SO HOT. Take it from me. Would you like to chew it?" NO I would NOT like to chew your half chewed gum dear, thanks but no thanks. She then decided to "hide" the gum from everyone so that she and Aunt Buzzy were the only ones who could have it. Where, praytell, did she hide it? In my underwear and sock drawer. It was quite a surprise (a super minty one at that) to find gum rattling around with my socks and undies. I suppose my toes will be minty fresh, eh?

As for Gabriel; well, as you all know, he's a very mature SEVEN now and he can't be bothered to buy little gifts for his aunt; she needs to bring them for HIM and he doesn't consider her his aunt, he keeps insisting that Tori is his older sister and she goes to college and he misses her. Last night he informed me that he was not getting out of bed in the morning until Buzz got here-what a liar. I thought I'd have a peaceful day with him in bed (ha ha) but here it is 8 a.m. and he's up reading over my shoulder (hi Gabe!)

They are so excited to see her-not that I blame them-she is pretty cool and Geo and I are excited to see her as well. I just hope that she brought lots of books so that she gets the "help" from Bitsy that I get when I read...

 The other night I got out of the tub and was reading an awesome book ("mothers and other liars") I am laying on the bed, relaxed  and propped up by six million pillows. SO comfy.

Bitsy comes in to "snuggle" with me. She is laying on my shoulder and says "oh oh oh momma! if you need your page turned, I will be your page turner" and licks her finger and holds it in the air. 

I tell her I need a page turned and she licks her finger again and turns the page. She is sitting at the ready, wet finger in the air just WAITING to turn the page for me saying "don't forget momma, I'm your page turner"

THEN after she's flipped a few pages for me, she says, "oh oh oh momma! I will put MY thumb on your book and hold it for you. Take your thumb off" and she proceeds to hold her teeny tiny thumb on my book AND still has a wet finger in the air to flip the page. 

At this point, I am trying really hard NOT to laugh because she's being super serious about it.

THEN she says "oh oh oh momma! (She says this A LOT) why I don't I just do this?" (and she climbs behind my book onto my legs) "and I can just hold the book for you so you can relax and read?" so now she's holding my book peering at me from behind the book and says "Do you need your page flipped momma because I can DO IT!"

I couldn't help it, I lost it laughing and had to put the book down. She followed me out to the living room and as I was telling Geo this story she's saying "Oh but I am a GOOD page turner and my thumb holds the book and I am good book holder, right momma? RIGHT MOMMA??" as she's clinging to me making puppy dog eyes.

So now it's onward and upwards, I have gum to chew and dishes to wash in anticipation of my sister arriving. Have a great weekend everyone :)

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