Friday, February 19, 2010

Birthday Recap

Gabe is a popular kid...

Last night we had a small party for Gabe with some close family friends; pizza, pasta, soda, and of course, a Chicago Blackhawks cake and ice cream.

He had a blast and I have pictures, I just have to upload them :P

Tonight is bowling night, which means the kiddos will head over to Grandma and Grandpa's house...and Grandma is having a small party for Gabe there...

Then tomorrow his other set of grandparents is coming over, we're picking Gabe's best friend up, and we're going to Portillos (yummy!) for lunch and then over to the bowling alley for a few games.

Sunday, thankfully, will be a day of rest. Gabe's "official" birthday party isn't until March, really, because we are combining parties for Gabe and Bits. Two parties in the span of one month is not only pricey, but exhausting.

We were a little worried that he'd feel like he had missed out on something not having a big birthday party...looks like we were wrong :D

Thank you to everyone who called, sent cards, or wished Gabe a happy birthday-he had a wonderful day!

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