Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy V-day to all of you who celebrate it :D We had a huge breakfast this morning together before Geo went to work and the kiddos and I have done nothing but watch movies, make popcorn bird feeders, and relax today. Geo and I don't really celebrate V-day (it always seems to be some sort of disaster when we do) so for the past couple of years, we've just gotten the kids a little gift. This year was no different, except that it's a whole family gift this year: a 15 month membership to the Brookfield Zoo!! Back in my teaching days, we'd get the educators membership (cheap cheap cheap!) and used it a LOT. We decided to get one again because it was a good deal and because the kiddos are BOTH to the age where the zoo is the most amazing place ever, even though we've been there a zillion times :) The membership is also nice to have when friends and family visit-who doesn't love the zoo?!? We're very excited about going to see the new Bear exhibit that's opening up on May 8th, though I have a feeling we'll be going MUCH sooner than that!!

I'll leave you with this--a reminder of what love IS and should be :)

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