Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

A thankful Thursday post...on a THURSDAY?! WOOOHOO! This in and of itself, is enough to be thankful, but I'll post anyway :)

Today I am particularly thankful for Geo and my sister. Tomorrow I'll be getting on an Amtrak train (by myself! With a book that has paragraphs and NO pictures! With a diet coke with no baby backwash in it! Nuts on Clark cheese popcorn-all for ME!!!!!!!!) and I'm going to visit my sister. She lives four hours or so, from us. We're going to do girly things; shopping, frou frou drinks, and maybe she'll even do my toes for me?! Sunday night she and I are going to see John Mayer with some friends in awesome seats she scored for us MONTHS ago.

Geo is going to be on vacation as of 9:31 tonight and is going to have the kiddos all weekend by himself...or so he says, I have a feeling grandma will be over with dinner at least once and I have it on good authority that grandma is making dinner for all of them tomorrow night too...I'm thankful for her as well, because at least the kids will have more than pizza to eat this weekend (not that THEY would mind that though, they LOVE pizza)

Geo has already planned on watching movies, sleeping in late, and eating pizza all weekend long. Sounds like he's got the home front covered and Tori's got the weekend away front covered :) Woohoo! Weekend away :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I'll be back to posting on Monday or Tuesday!

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