Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Oh poor Gabriel...the child has never been allowed to play with balloons because we were told he was allergic to latex (and since I break out/swell when I come in contact with it, we played it safe) Last night, however, we were out having ice cream and there was a magician at the ice cream shop. He was making balloon animals and Gabriel and SarahAnne were staring longingly at them, practically drooling. They were more interested in the balloon animals than their ice cream.

The magician came around and asked if they could have an animal. We figured what the heck, we have benadryl if he starts to itch we'll give him some. He and Bits got animals and were soooo excited about it. No itching, no swelling-definitely a good thing.

Today Gabe has decided to pull apart his animal and make his own. No big deal, just balloons, right? Well...because he isn't really familiar with balloons, he didn't understand that you cannot manipulate them the way you might think you can. What a shock when the balloon burst and flew across the room. Talk about heartbreak...the poor kid, what a shock.

Today he has reminded me, at least a dozen times, that tomorrow is his birthday. TOMORROW not a week from now, not two days from now, but tomorrow. He told anyone within listening range last night that he had a birthday coming up and has been bouncing all over, talking about it today. It must be fun to look forward to a birthday like this, huh? Goofy boy.

Blast from the past picture of McGee...he was about 18 months old in this picture...what a cutie!

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