Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Miracle part 2??

After Gabe and my conversation the other night, I've been pretty worried about him. It's unusual for him to be so "down" and like any good momma, I was worried that he was going to stay in this funk.

Not so much. Gabe is, in a word, awesome. Today, while playing the role of CRAFT MOM™, I was able to really observe Gabe in his classroom. He didn't pay much attention to me, but I was paying attention to him and his classmates. Gabe is the go to guy in the classroom when it comes to having something read. If someone cannot read something, they go to Gabriel. Gabe is an excellent reader and apparently his classmates recognize that fact.

For some unknown reason, I thought that Gabe would be quietly (HA HA HA HA) sitting in his chair, limited by his cast. My God, could I have been any more off the mark? He was ALL over the place, helping EVERYONE with their things (he was finished with his work and his Valentine's day cards-it pays to be able to read, you can pass those suckers out QUICK!) Anyone who looked like they were struggling with something was approached by Gabe with a "hey buddy, can I help you with that?"

Man, he's amazing. I mean, he is just AMAZING.

I would have fully understood if he was crabby and cranky today; he's sore, he's sick of not being able to play in all of the awesome snow we have in the yard, and he hates having a huge cast...but he was up and around helping those who needed it.

I'm so lucky to have him for a child; they always say children are here to teach you a lesson, I'm fairly certain Gabe's lesson for me is that helping others, even while we are struggling with our own issues is the right thing to do. We should always help others, no exception, no questions asked, and there are no excuses for NOT offering a helping hand, because if a five year old in a bulky cast can make his way across a classroom filled with other excited five years olds to help someone who's in a panic because they can't read something, then what reason do WE have to NOT help someone who needs it?

Thanks Gabe, for being a reminder to do what's right :)

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O'Mara Family said...

Thanks for sharing . . . **TEARS**


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