Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Open Letter To Little Miss Me Too

Dear SarahAnne, (Dear hey! I'm Bitsy, not SarAnne)
I love you, dearly (lub you dearly) but this echo thing you've got goin' on (echo fing goin' on) is driving me INSANE (you're insane momma)

Yes, it's driving me absolutely insane. I appreciate that you are trying to helpful, whether you are hollering to Gabe to "pick up the pace and get YOU backpack" or "you lunchbox is on the shelf, Gworge, it's packed alwedy" It's bad enough that *I* have to yell these things, but now YOU are going to do it too?? Never mind that when I say something and you start to repeat it before I even have the words out of my mouth no one can understand me. I have to repeat what I'm trying to say and then of course YOU have to repeat yourself. It's a vicious and annoying, to say the least, cycle that you and I go through all day long.

As much as it drives me insane at home, it's even worse when we are out because people think you are A-DOR-ABLE for copying momma. Either these people a)have no kids or b)have kids who USED to do this and think it's hysterical someone else is feeling their pain. Either way-ANNOYING-especially while at, say, a physical therapy appointment when I'm trying to schedule other visits. A small voice saying "no actually, Tuesday won't work" does NOT help because then the scheduler is giggling. Actually, little miss me too, Tuesday DOES work, so there. (Who am I kidding, it doesn't, I just wanted to have my own independent thought for a second there)

Thank you for your help Bitsy, but please, for the love of God, before I pull my hair out, stop repeated everything I say (stop wepeating what you say momma?) Yes, stop repeating what I say (ok, I stop wepeating everything you say momma)



1 comment:

Karen Peterson said...

Oh, how could you get annoyed at that sweet little face?

Just kidding, I totally understand. No kids here, but I have a 5-year-old nephew who loves to repeat everything. He does it to be annoying and 5. So when he does it to me I repeat everything right back at him. And then he gets annoyed and tells on me to his mom. Works every time.


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