Sunday, April 25, 2010

A "Great" Weekend

It was our annual Witkowski spring fling weekend this weekend-Geo's grandparents were in town for a few days and we spent Saturday with them. We were down one Witkowski family (we missed you Michiwits! but next time they come, you'll be here for good! YAY) but still managed to have fun. Geo and his dad grilled ginormous burgers, great grandma made delicious salads, great grandpa gave me gardening tips, and grandma snuggled with Bitsy and Gabe and was cute as a button, as usual :) We had a great time and were so happy to spend the whole day with them. To top off a great visit, the Blackhawks won their game in a downright dramatic fashion.

Today was our "Books and Breakfast" fundraiser for the local library; we had a decent turn out and managed to raise enough money to make some improvements at the library-thanks to everyone who came out and ate breakfast and bid on some great auction items!

Hope you all had an equally as wonderful's back to the daily grind tomorrow!

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