Monday, April 26, 2010

Marriage Musings-I Choose You

This weekend, Geo's grandma and I had a nice conversation about marriage. I told her that when they have their 60th anniversary (in 2011) Geo and I will celebrate our tenth and boy if that doesn't feel insignificant! :) She smiled and said "Well Chrissi, you have to start somewhere!" (and other sweet wonderful things because she's the kind of grandma who says those sorts of things he he)

It's true, that we have to start somewhere...and how did we start? What makes our marriage as strong as it is? What has helped it last this many years? (Because, truly, we've been married eight and a half years and that is a LONG time by a lot of standards now) It's very simple: We choose one another over anyone else. When faced with the choice, I will always choose Geo and he will always choose me. There is no gray area for either of us; if we are forced to choose, we choose one another.

Not only do we choose each other over any other person, we choose to respect one another, we choose to be supportive of the other person no matter WHAT they are doing (great example-Geo was, and is, fully supportive of me going back to school. I am fully supportive of him switching jobs) We choose our family, we choose what is right for all of us, even if others do not agree with our decisions. We make the conscious (or unconscious or a bit of both, really) choice each day to get up and be married-and do the things married people do. Loving, honoring, being faithful. Being a friend, making each other laugh, and generally treating each other the way WE want to be treated. That's a choice you have to make when you're married, whether you realize it or not.

Are you choosing to be happy in your marriage? Are you choosing your partner over all others?


Shay @ Wonderfully Chaotic said...

This is a great post AND reminder! :)

Karen Peterson said...

Such a great post. I am not married, but almost everyone I know is or has been and every happy marriage I've seen has followed the same basic principle.


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