Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Seed Sown...

"The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies." -- Gertrude Jekyll

One of the things I love best about being a (mostly) stay at home mom is the opportunities I have to teach the kids about all sorts of things; today we learned about starting seeds and planting flowers. Our garden will be expanding this year, partly because we have more space, partially because we *want* it to, and partially because we are concerned about where our food is coming from and want to show the kids the process from seed to food.

Today we started some herbs. Some of you have seen my rosemary-my little baby, Rosey, how do I love thee??-she started out about six inches high and has turned into this monster:

She's my tasty, tasty monster. She sits in the kitchen during the winter time and soaks up the sun (and a half a gallon of water every other day!!) and makes my kitchen smell delicious. The kids love her (yes, I refer to the plant as a "her", I'm a *bit* crazy) and Bitsy regularly plucks leaves off of her to smell and to give to people; after all, she is the "Rosemary momma" Both of the kids will walk by the plant, rub the leaves, and smell their hands, I've even been known to put rosemary in their bathwater when they aren't feeling the best. It's an all purpose plant, for sure. (and my baby...don't judge me :P)

Yesterday the kids picked out oregano and chives for this year's herbs (last years, lavender and thyme didn't do so hot; the lavender is dead and the thyme is barely hanging on, we're hoping the warm weather and being outside will help it) We bought all the little pots and potting soil and the kiddos and I made our own "greenhouse" We ended up putting oregano, chives, and pumpkin seeds (wisely saved from our eight dollar a piece pumpkins from last year) into pots. Gabe labeled the pots, I filled them with potting soil, Bits tapped down the seeds, and Gabe watered. They had a blast.

After all that we headed outside to plant pansies and a very special Bitsy flower; Bitsy likes to dig in my flower beds-which is NOT a good thing, poor girl is trying to be helpful but has dug up a bunch of roots which is not helpful in the least. Geo and I promised her a special flower in her own special flower bed next to the porch. Yesterday she picked out a gorgeous little primrose. She proudly showed it off to daddy this morning while I napped after work and I'd bet she's going to show him "her" flower bed tomorrow when they take Gabe to the bus.

They ended their gardening afternoon with a ride on the garden wagon and a wiggly worm; a good day for all (even the worm who was put back gently in the flowerbed after he was touched and talked about!)


Mrs. Addison said...

That's great Chrissi! I love doing little life lessons with my kids too - well mainly Zeke obviously, haha. The pics are great! We are planning on expanding our garden this year too.

Eri said...

<3 it! We're having a blast with planting as well. We've started tomatoes and cantaloupe and green beans and cukes. Nathan thinks it's the coolest thing ever that we get food from our own garden :) He's so cute about it.

What the crap is up with lavender anyway? I can't get it to grow and I don't know anyone who can, including my mother in law who can grow *anything*! I would love to be able to grow some for my bath.


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