Monday, April 5, 2010

What a Day!

My goodness; ever have one of those days where it feels like you're running non stop? The last two months have been like that because of all the appointments Gabe has had (YAY specialists lol) Today was no exception, except that we added SarahAnne to the dr visit mix :O

Gabe saw his physical therapist today; he needs a cast next week-as we knew he would; darn kid is growing like a weed, I swear all of his pants are two inches too short. We will be doing at least a week, if not two, of casting and then should be done for at least 6-8 weeks. No biggie, we're SO used to the casting now that it's old hat. Of course, Gabe won't like it BUT he'll deal with it like he always does.

This morning Bits got up VERY stiffly. She fell on the patio pretty hard Saturday and scraped open both of her knees, we cleaned her up all that good stuff and thought nothing of it. This morning she was super stiff and crying with every step she took. Getting up the stairs was awful for her; I called the dr and made an appointment for her (better safe than sorry, right?)

Her appointment was AFTER Gabe's appointment and after we had to drop Geo off for work. We got to the appointment and she started walking correctly AND told the dr nothing hurt. This was the same child who just four hours before was shaking because she was in so much pain. The doc figures it's residual pain from the fall and said that if by Wednesday (her next office day) she's not 100% we'll do some x rays to be sure there's no fracture in there. She seems to be fine now, but I suppose the morning will be more telling than anything else. Lots of resting of the knees, motrin, and some heat and ice for the rest of the day. Poor kid.

To end this on a positive note...a new picture...

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