Monday, April 19, 2010

I'll Just Catch the Bus By Myself, Okay?

This morning, even though I didn't WANT to, I let Gabe walk all the way down to the bus stop by himself. I was close enough that if he needed me, I could easily walk to him in a matter of less than a minute, but far enough away that he was by himself. I had the camera out to try and snap some pics of the cat playing outside (another post for another day :P) and managed to get some of Gabriel in the process...

Mr. Smiley after he tells me he wants to catch the bus by himself..

The start of his "long" trek down the driveway

A little further from momma

A reassuring wave

My god, the bus is huge!

I am still not convinced he's big enough to get on the all...

And just like that, he's off to school for the day...all by himself

1 comment:

Mrs. Addison said...

Awwww! *tear tear* What a sweet picture.


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